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As part of our rural experience, we offer several activities for you to delve into during your stay with us.

Hop into our bullock cart for a unique way to enjoy a tour around our property, while exploring the extent of Horathapola’s plantations. (A Bullock Cart is a carriage drawn by a bull). Besides being a unique experience, the ride is a great opportunity to see an organic plantation at work. We offer all guests a complimentary ride.

Want some exercise at your own pace? Grab one of our bicycles and take a ride around the village in the vicinity of our property. It’s a great way to get a feel for rural life as you pass by temples, farmland, and plantations while you explore village trails on a bicycle.

We also offer a guided walking tour with one of our staff through the nearby village. The walk is an ideal opportunity for meeting and chatting with friendly locals, bird watching and visiting an organic coconut oil manufacturing plant.

If you feel adventurous, accompany one of our staff on a visit to the local “pola” (Farmers’ Market). The absence of supermarkets in rural areas still means that Farmers’ Markets are the centre of trade. The market has a vibrant buzz of activity, with vendors trying to out-yell each other while buyers jockey for position at their favourite stall to get to the freshest produce. There are no digital weighing scales – the old-fashioned balance scale with weights is still the primary instrument of measure. We love the colours of the market, from sacks of hot red chillies to stacks of garden-fresh greens, vividly coloured and shaped vegetables and fruits, and more types of grain that you imagined possible. The scent of hot, spicy, freshly made street food diffuses through the open-air market to tempt shoppers with local treats like “vadey”.


(The market is only active on Saturday and there is no pressure to make any purchases)


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