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Sri Lankan cooking is more art that science – recipes are mere guidelines. Making curry requires a deft touch to balance the heat of the spices with the sweetness of coconut milk, a well-measured tinge of acidity from tamarind and lime, to the perfect combination of fresh herbs that give the flavours a slight lift onto the palate... all so that the complex flavours of our cuisine can be appreciated to the fullest (and without drowning the food in chilli!). Our chef’s sleight of hand in the kitchen will leave you rosy-cheeked and grinning contently.

Our kitchen uses typical rural techniques – fresh spices are ground on a stone, curries are cooked in clay pots, and most of our ingredients are home grown. We are adept at Western cuisine as well as vegetarian meals, so we ensure that guests have a variety of flavours coming their way during their stay with us.

We do not restrict guests to a set-menu or wasteful buffets. Our manager discusses meal preferences with each guest beforehand and then caters to their requirements.